UAW Local 249 Standing Committees


The following committees are appointed to serve the membership and our local community. If any employees are interested in participating in committee activities – contact the Union Hall or the Committee Chair.

  • CAP Committee: Jay Bosler, Chair
  • Chaplaincy Committee: Darryl Stewart, Chair
  • Human & Civil Rights Committee: Sade Ott, Chair
  • Community Services Committee: Sadie Bass, Chair
  • Education Committee: Kelsey Pinzino, Chair
  • Recreation Committee: Robin Bindel, Chair
  • Veterans Committee: Dave Grant, Chair
  • Women’s Committee: Robin Taylor, Chair
  • Union Label Committee: Jessica Bertocci, Chair
  • Motorcycle Committee: Josh Curtis, Chair
  • Member to Member: Erica Eckart, Chair
  • Consumer Affairs: Camalee Hefty, Chair

Joining a UAW Local 249 Standing Committee is one way to build the power of our Union and what better day is there to get involved. If you are ready to answer the challenge and make the commitment to push back against the forces who would take away our voice in the workplace. We encourage you to please fill out the form below or call 816-454-6333 to make the commitment to join our Standing Committees.

Click here to fill out the form for joining a Standing Committee.