Your Pay and You: Common Questions Answered

How do I change my password for my paystubs and W2’s?

  • This is actually a website maintained by Ford, but we can walk you through how to change your password and setup your recovery email address so that you do not have to call the hotline for any future resets needed.


What is a DROT and how do I read it?

  • A DROT or “Daily Record of Time” is how the Ford system tracks the hours you will be paid for. It is important that you keep a small notebook or keep record in your phone of how many hours you work daily.  If you are “loaned out” for a day or are frequently sent to work in other zones you should also keep record of the Zone / Location, the Supervisor of that area, what job you worked and ideally for your own records, the rotation number of the trucks you worked on.
  • To read the DROT:  [Insert photo of a blacked out DROT]
  • You should check your DROT daily when at work to ensure you were paid properly for the previous days. Also DROTs printed on Mondays will allow you to see the entire previous week to make sure you can correct any pay issues prior to payroll cutting checks if needed.

What do the different DROT codes mean?

  • A – AWOL
  • M – Medical Leave
  • L – Late
  • E – Excused in Advance with Pay (Paid Personal Time)
  • UR – Excused in Advance  / Extended Leave
  • U – Union Business
  • J – Jury Duty
  • V – Vacation
  • 7 – Military Leave
  • P – Excused without Pay (Unpaid Personal Time)
  • Z – Bereavement
  • Y – Refused Overtime
  • G – Exc’d to Go Home (F-L-P)
  • R – Family Day
  • 9 – Vacation Shutdown
  • Codes used by Labor Relations for individual situations: B, D, H, K, N, Q, S, T & W.

My pay is messed up, now what do I do? (Steps to correct a pay issue).

  • If you have been checking you DROT daily, you will likely catch the error prior to the end of the pay period. In the event this happens the first thing you do is notify your supervisor. Show them where your time is messed up, on what day and how much you should have been paid or if you were coded incorrectly (Flipped out when you did not go home, Personal time used instead of Family Days, etc).
  • If you have notified your supervisor and/or reminded them and the issue has not been corrected the next course of action is to contact your committee person. Make sure you send all the necessary information: Name, Global, Date of pay issue, Were you loaned out, Supervisor name.
  • If you do not catch an error in pay until you view your paystub for the week you will have to notify your supervisor upon returning to work that an error occurred and an adjustment needs to be done. If this is not corrected you will follow the same procedure as before. You will contact your committee person. Make sure you send all the necessary information: Name, Global, Date of pay issue, Were you loaned out, Supervisor name.

There is a deduction I do not recognize or understand on my paystub. What do I do?

  • To find out what garnishments may be placed on your pay, email

What do I do if I have a payroll issue or need copies of my paystubs and I no longer work at Ford?

  • To request copies of your paystub or discuss payroll related issues, send an email to