UAW Local 249 brothers and sisters,


All the signatures we’ve gathered, every yard sign we’ve put out, every door we have knocked and calls we have made will be put to the test when Proposition A is on the ballot on August 7 across Missouri.

You’ve seen the anti-worker mailers. You’ve probably received a few. You’ve heard the radio ads and seen them on TV. Out-of-state corporate interests want to pass PROP A, because it’s right-to-work, and right-to-work lowers pay. This last minute blitz could make the difference and beat Missouri’s working people.

Don’t let it. Let’s finish the job. Let’s beat PROP A.

It’s time to turn out the vote. Make a plan to vote on August 7. Put it on your calendar and in your phone. Tell your family and friends. It’s time to VOTE NO on PROP A.

Then let’s get back to building worker power, so we can grow our labor movement in Missouri.

In solidarity,

Jason Starr – President                 Jim Fisher – Bargaining Chair