This Veteran’s Day, UAW Local 249 joined in supporting homeless veterans in the Kansas City area at the Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Camp.  Representatives who participated in this labor of love provided vision and hearing assistance, a health & wellness checkup, hygiene bags, boots, blankets, tents, and a hot meal with a side of companionship. This was a day to provide supplies to bring some dignity to their situation and let them know that they are not invisible, and have not been forgotten. These are people who served their country and fought for our freedom, and today was a day to honor them.

UAW Local 249 members did everything from helping during the check-in process to distribution of supplies and food service and even helped to stay for the tear down and clean-up. “It is a humbling experience,” said Local 249 President Jason Starr. “I think sometimes we get caught up in our own lives and we forget how many people are out there struggling. I am proud of the work of our standing committees and the work they are doing.”

Chairperson and veteran himself, David Grant, shared that these events are the ones that make him the most happy. To be able to provide tangible help to those in need and do it alongside his UAW family is all he can ask for. After serving the homeless veteran population, they also provided aid to the civilians who were there as well. Just a few of the organizations present were: Hope Faith ministries, Vet Center, Kansas City Free Eye Clinic, Goodwill, Homeless Veterans Assistance Coalition of Kansas City, Catholic Charities, reStart, St. Michael’s Veteran’s Center, Missouri AFL-CIO, Operation BBQ Relief and more.