Union Label Committee educates members

By Erica Eckart

What does it mean to be a union member? We are all familiar with what it means to be a part of a union when it comes to jobs inside our plant, but what does it mean outside the workplace environment when we are with our own families and on our own time?

It means we advocate for union-made American-made goods and services!

Where and how we spend our money has a direct impact on our neighborhoods, our surrounding communities, and at the bargaining table. When we buy foreign-made vehicles, that money is shipped overseas, like many of our jobs.

The Union Label Committee is dedicated to educating and guiding our membership in the importance of buying American-union made products and how doing so directly benefits our jobs and our economy as Americans.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Union Label Committee has hit the shop floor with the purpose of educating members as well as recruiting fresh members to join standing committees with the purpose of growing and strengthening our union.

Union Label Chairperson Terri Hall has been busy structuring the committee, and our membership, to be more involved and more aware of the importance of these issues and has set some important goals. Aside from the obvious level of educating and growing, some of these goals include creating relationships with companies that use our KCAP products.

“I’ve put together a list of companies that use our products”, said Hall. “The goal is to provide stickers for their vehicles that display that this vehicle was proudly built by members of Local 249. Not only does it advertise union-built products, but also identifies members of Local 249 aside from the blue oval”.

“There’s a sense of pride we feel to see and know that “WE” built that vehicle and it’s also a way for the companies that buy our products to publicly display their pride in supporting us”.

The Union label Committee works hard to promote lists of union made products and food for all of your holiday needs ranging from food items and candy to toys and gifts. They attend community and town hall meetings to promote spending our tax dollars on union-made school buses, postal vehicles, fire and police equipment and vehicles. They also take to the streets and canvas our local neighborhoods to promote, spread awareness, and educate our neighbors.

When we buy American-made, union-made products we are directly investing in our economy which in the long run solidifies a sense of security that we can pass down to the younger generations to come. The fight of a trade unionist is and will always be ongoing.

We must all make a conscious decision not only to invest in our economy, but to invest in ourselves and continue our legacy. Living, shopping and voting as trade unionists is something we all can and should do. By having a working-class conscience in our everyday lives, we support those who support us. That is the true meaning of community.

For more information on how you can get involved with the Union Label Committee or any other standing committee, please submit your application online through the Local 249 app or contact the hall.