Attention: All UAW Members

The U.S. District Court recently appointed an independent Monitor under the terms of the Consent Decree entered by the Court. One of the Monitor’s responsibilities is to administer a Referendum election this coming Fall 2021.

The Referendum vote will determine whether the UAW will keep the current method for electing members to the IEB through the delegate system at Constitutional Conventions, or whether the method will be changed to a direct election whereby each UAW member will vote directly to elect the IEB members.

The Monitor and the IEB are working together to ensure that all eligible members and retired members are able to vote, and therefore it is crucial that the UAW’s membership lists, including mailing addresses and e-mail addresses, are up to date so that everyone may have a voice in the Referendum.

Members who have had no changes to contact information do not need to provide contact information.

To accommodate UAW Local 249 members with updating any changes with contact information members can fill out the form at the following link:
or contact the Union Hall at 816-454-6333