President’s Report

Jason Starr Uaw PresidentMy name is Jason Starr and I have the distinct honor of serving as President of United Auto Workers Local 249, representing over 7,000 active members at the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant. The membership of UAW Local 249 represents the very best in the industry and work tirelessly to proudly build the bestselling, highest quality Ford F-150 and Ford Transit Van.

The members of UAW Local 249 have consistently set the industry standard in productivity, safety and Quality. Winning multiple awards in each category, which is a true representation of the dedicated members of United Auto Workers Local 249.

Our members work to achieve not only improvement in their economic status but, of equal importance, to gain from our labor a greater measure of dignity, of self-fulfillment and self-worth in our community.

UAW Local 249 has a proud history and our members are equally committed to the principles of trade unionism and work through our Union to promote democracy in the work place for all working people. To improve working conditions, create a uniform system of shorter hours, higher wages, health care and pensions, to maintain and protect the interests of the working class.