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Click below to download the necessary documents and forms or to file your claim online:


Click here to download Unicare Paperwork

  • This document packet includes all paperwork needed for both employee and physicians for medical leave.
  • This is not FMLA paperwork. That must be obtained from Labor Relations.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the union hall at 816-454-6333 and ask for a benefits representative.


Click here to file your Unicare claim online

Accident & Sickness (A&S) and Extended Disability Benefits (EDB)
Filing your claim online is quick, convenient, and secure. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you never have to wait on hold. The online claim submission process makes it easy to print the required forms, which you can then complete and upload to UniCare for processing.

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You or your physician can also upload documents to your existing A&S or EDB claim.  Select the link below to begin.
Optional Long Term Disability (OLTD) Benefits

If you are eligible, you may enroll in OLTD benefits:

Start an OLTD enrollment application.

Review and calculate your OLTD premiums:

Your Cost for Optional Long Term Disability (OLTD)

Review your OLTD Certificate for a complete description of your benefits:

Optional Long Term Disability Certificate of Coverage

Review highlights of the OLTD plan:

Highlights of the Optional Long Term Disability Plan