Local 249 Veterans donate to Hope Faith

By Cecelia Davis

The Veterans Committee has done something impeccable again! They teamed up with Harvest Church to provide food to donate to any non-profit organizations the Local UAW 249 collaborates with.

The vision of the Harvest Church is to change lives by restoring lost and hurting humanity, back to our heavenly father in the hopes of making a significant difference in their lives.

With that being said, they wanted to connect with a nearby union that makes such big impacts on people’s lives. What a great choice they have made to call on the Local 249 Veterans committee chairman, Dave Grant. Dave fights hard to provide not only for the veterans but for the under privileged throughout the community.

“We can’t depend on the State or the Federal government to really help people,” said Dave, “we citizens must do the hard work for our brothers and sisters!”

In such short notice, Jim Fisher was able to provide Dave the contact information for Chris Stout. Chris has also helped with various organizations to give to those in need. He is also the program director for the Hope Faith – Homeless Assistance Campus located on 705 Virginia Avenue in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Hope Faith works to alleviate homelessness and poverty in Kansas City, Missouri by providing basic necessities and assistance, as well as, providing critical services and programs to empower individuals experiencing homelessness and at-risk individuals to become self-sufficient and independent.

“I was excited! All of the food for these folks in our society are depending more and more on non-profit organizations.” Said Dave, “Hope Faith – Homeless Assistance Campus is the only one of its kind in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s open during normal business hours to help support our homeless populations, whether they are veterans or everyday civilians.”

Along with the food donation that the Harvest Church provided, the Veterans committee was also able to donate 500 dollars to Hope Faith. “We must have more concern about others instead of just self.” said Dave. “Self is a selfish mentality.”

The Veterans Committee has decided to make a special trip out to tour Hope-Faith facility personally, on Tuesday, August 12th to share the same environment with those that are in need, to spread some hope and light. The homeless community is suffering daily. Dave Grant hopes to shed some light to other individuals in our union to come join the good fight within our community and help make a change.

A lot of the blessings that the Veterans Committee provides goes unnoticed, because being able to lend a helping hand isn’t something to boast about. It should be second nature to help those in need from the kindness of you heart without having to document to the world your good deeds.

With this article, we hope to inspire you to go out into the world and provide some help where it is needed and to not take your blessings as an autoworker for granted.