Jim Fisher

KCAP returns to full production

By Jim Fisher

During the month of June, KCAP began slowly returning production members back to work from the layoffs caused from the global semiconductor shortages. Transit Day shift started back first completing the launch buildout, then Night Shift Transit and B Crew Truck System returned for production. Finally, on Monday June 21st all five production shifts returned to work.
Even though all shifts are currently back to work I want to remind everyone that schedules will continue to be adjusted by Ford as they monitor their inventory with parts.
While we build two very high demand products and the priority is to keep all shifts working, the reality is the parts supply chain remains very fragile and additional down weeks over the next few months will remain a possibility.
We will keep members as informed as possible if more schedule changes occur. Ford has announced another round of changes to the COVID-19 “Return to Work Playbook”. Effective June 21, any member who is showing flu like symptoms or is in close contact with a positive COVID-19 person outside of the work place will no longer receive paid time off from the company.
Ford will continue to pay for COVID-19 time off if you test positive for COVID-19 or become in close contact with someone that test positive for COVID-19 from inside a Ford facility.
In addition, Ford has changed questions on the daily self-check in survey. The new questions refer to if employees have received the COVID-19 vaccine.
Over the last couple of years, the local leadership team has centered a lot of attention to the summer months of our plant. Since we completed the 2019 Local Agreement, we have made positive steps to help with summer heat. We now have 2 Wet Bulb Machines for UAW Safety Reps, added refrigerators for storing cold water, added ice machines on the production floor, and added several additional Big Ass Fans across the plant.
However, there are still going to be very hot days inside the plant. Heat Stress is not to be taken lightly. Make sure you’re eating right and staying hydrated as much as possible. Also, check on your coworkers. Sometimes a person can be showing signs of heat stress without knowing it. Make sure if you’re feeling ill from the heat or notice another member showing issues with the heat that they are reported immediately. We need to work together to keep all of us safe.
Ford Motor Company is targeting Monday, June 28, to implement the rollback of certain COVID protocols including thermal temperature scans.
While the requirement of completing the daily self-certification remains in place for employees reporting to work, there will be no more attendants validating employees have completed the daily self-certification.
The requirement of Ford to provide enhanced cleanings will be reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours from the time there has been a positive case inside of work.
Those are the three changes that will be effective June 28.
These changes will be consistent across all three auto manufacturers (Ford, GM and FCA/Stellantis.)
The mask policy is still in place and is currently under review amongst all three auto manufacturers and the UAW. We will provide further updates on masks as discussions continue.