Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. How do I download the UAW Local 249 App?

  2. How do I change my password for the UAW Local 249 App?

  3. What are the number of paid days for bereavement?

    • Spouse, Child, Stepchild and Parents: 4 Days (AWS – 4 x 10 Schedule), 5 Days (Traditional – 5 x 8 Schedule)
    • Brother, Sister, Stepbrother, Stepsister, Stepparent, Grandparent, Great Grandparent: 3 Days
    • Spouse’s Parent, Spouse’s Stepparent, Spouse’s Grandparent, Spouse’s Great Grandparent: 3 Days
    • There are no paid days for aunts, uncles, cousins, brother/sister in law, etc.
  4. How do I bid on a job?

    1. Log in to a computer in the plant with your CDSID (It MUST be your ID).
    2. Open the plant applications folder
    3. Double click on KCAP homepage
    4. Click on Hourly Jobs Online / Shift Preference
    5. Click on “Jobs Online”
    6. Click “View Opportunities”
    7. Find a bid you want to apply for and click “Apply Now”
    8. Next to Employee Name, enter yours CDSID then click the Icon to the right that looks like a Check Mark Man (It will show your name with an underline if you have done this correctly. If you get an error message, you have to close out the box and try again.)
    9. Enter your Global ID excluding any zeros in the beginning.
    10. Finally, click Submit.
    11. Shift preferences work the same, just make sure to enter your current shift and the shift you want. If you have done the process correctly you will get a message that says, “Thank you for applying.”
  5. What do these terms on job bids mean?

    1. Same Occupational Group: This means you have to be in the same department as the bid being posted, with the exception of a few types of jobs. (Examples: To be a dingman you have to be metal repair certified and pass the test.) These qualifications can be found on Page 26 in the New 2019 Local 249 Contract.
    2. Special Bid Slips: For jobs requiring additional skills (such as computer or spreadsheet experience) a special bid slip is required.  Applicants must complete the “special bid slip” and apply online to be considered eligible. Completed applications are to be emailed to with the bid number in the subject line of the email. If the applicant does not have email, the “special bid slip” and additional materials may be provided to the Labor Relations Office.
  6. How many times can I convert an AWOL?

    • You can convert up to 4 AWOLs (absences) using personal time by going to labor relations. This means if you already have 3 AWOLs and you miss 1 day, you can use personal time to cover your absence.  If you miss two days however, you will have gone from 3 to 5 AWOLs and you would be ineligible to cover any of them. 
  7. Where is the language in the contract concerning temporary employees?

    1. The language about Temporary Part-Time (TPT) and Temporary Full-Time (TFT) employees is located in Volume 1 of the International Contract in Appendix K.
  8. How does the grievance process work?

    1. The first step is to contact your district committee person to discuss and file the grievance.
    2. Second stage is a meeting between labor relations and your district committee person.
    3. The third stage is a meeting between the Bargaining Committee and the senior member of Labor Relations.
    4. If it cannot be settled after this point, it is appealed to the Bargaining Chairman.
    5. The Bargaining Chairman will meet with the senior member of Labor Relations, our International Servicing Rep, and the plant Human Resources Manager. If it cannot be resolved at this level it will then be appealed to the umpire.
      • The umpire is basically a judge. They will hear the case presented by the union and the company, and the umpire is paid equally by both union & company and the decision is final on both parties.
    6. Some types of grievances will automatically start at the second or third stage, and all take different lengths of time.
    7. A member has the right to obtain a copy of their grievance; however, attachments are not a part of the grievance and therefore will not be distributed to the member. (For example: statements made by coworkers). If you need a copy of your grievance you can call the hall at 816-454-6333 and request one of the secretaries make you a copy.
    8. List of some examples of types of grievances that can be filed:
      • Foreman Working
      • Overtime Equalization or Overtime Misassignment
      • Cross System Overtime
      • Ten-Day Quit
      • Improper Layoffs
      • Discharge (Termination) Grievances
      • Harassment Grievances
      • Discrimination Grievances
      • Disciplinary
  9. What does “right to assign” mean?

    • Management has the right to assign employees to any job within their classification for the optimal running of the shop.
      • An exception is “preferred” jobs, for example Team Lead, in which the highest seniority utility will do the job.