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Chaplaincy Committee serves area homeless

By Cecelia Davis

A study found that in Kansas, an estimated 2,449 people are experiencing homelessness to this day. Being that Kansas is the 35th highest state in homelessness, rated among the United States, there are many outlets and resources that are provided by the surrounding communities. Local 249 is known to help assist many of the local shelters.

By cleaning out pantries and restoring them with new household items and perishables to building ramps and actual homes, all while building relationships and providing hope to many individuals. The Chaplaincy Committee did just that on March 11th. They had the privilege to visit Avenue of Life and contribute multiple services throughout the building.

Avenue of Life’s mission is to mobilize its community to equip and empower low-income individuals and families to be self-sustained and independent. They provide breakfast, pre-made bundles of meals and household goods, clothing, and present multiple outlets to get individuals off the streets. They also provide learning and training courses to educate members to successfully live a better and more sustainable life. Avenue of life is also home to other nonprofits under one roof to provide an opportunity for unlimited resources between organizations.

As the Chaplaincy committee entered the well-organized building,they were greeted by Billy Porter who is the client servicer. He was one of the members who physically helped shape Avenue of Life into the beautiful place that it is today.

“We have a 95% success rate.” Said Mr. Porter, “We have a liaison in the school district that identifies those families that need help or that are homeless. They would then send them to our building on Wednesday which we call, Impact Wednesday. We are like the backbone to all other nonprofits. We also have a youth household on Woodstreet called Our Spot KC. It is a hub for resources that support, advance and equip LGBTQ+ individuals.

The Chaplaincy Committee was able to help that day by passing out clothing items that were in stock within the closet as you entered the building. They then helped serve breakfast and navigate where to go for specific items. Darryl Stewart, Chairperson of the Chaplaincy was able to use his expertise on the clippers to give haircuts to men and women who waited patiently in line. He has been cutting hair for Avenue of Life for 3 years now and is also an instructor that trains theyouth on how to become a barber. It’s amazing how just a simple haircut can boost confidence in a person.

In the chapel, located on the other half of the building, Co-chair of the Chaplaincy committee, Gregg Wolf gave his first sermon to members that needed hope and blessings before they went about their day. “It’s amazing that they can come across a deficiency of an item that day, pray about it, and then it would randomly be delivered that same day within hours. Talk about living on a prayer.”

What’s best about Avenue of Life is that you do not have to be homeless to be able to use their services. There are so many outlets and training to help you on your journey through life. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or just simply want to know more information about this organization you can check them out at or connect with our Local 249 union hall.