Local 249 delivers roses to widows

By Cecelia Davis

Roses are red, violets are blue, Local 249’s Motorcycle Committee delivered roses to widows to show that they are loved too. February is the month known for love. It can be tough for many who have recently lost their significant loved ones. They may feel heartbroken, lonely, and in grief.

On February 10th, the Motorcycle Committee decided to provide beautiful roses to widows around the community to spread warmth and kindness. And to also let them know that although they cannot replace their significant other’s love, they can fill some of the loss within their hearts, with love from our ever-growing union. To remind the widows that Local 249 is here for them. That they are still loved.

On Friday, February 10th, Joshua Curtis, the chairperson of the Motorcycle Committee, and Co-Chair Sarah Allen gathered their committee along with 37 other standing committee members in the rotunda of our local union hall as they waited patiently for the arrival of 750 roses delivered from Bloom Floral located in Kansas City.

Once the roses arrived, the volunteers jumped into action, creating a dazzling package that consisted of a fully bloomed vibrant crimson red rose, a sweet box of morsels, and a perfectly executed card expressing how much our local truly cares. As our members were assembling the precious goods, they had to make sure they went over certain directions on how to deliver such a special gift.

“It is important to take the time to listen, give and show compassion; as a lot of time, we are the only ones they see during this time of the year,” said Curtis “If you have sunglasses, take them, because there’s a good chance you’re gonna need them to hide a few tears.” The routes were then given out. As the members hopped in their vehicles, they spanned a radius within a hundred miles from the union hall. They visited many nursing homes within the area and even made personal visits that family members and friends had provided addresses to.

“The outpouring of love and thanks the Motorcycle Committee received on Facebook, the numerous calls of thanks and appreciation that came into the union hall that day and the several thank you cards mailed in, definitely shows that we’re doing something right.” said Curtis. “I truly enjoy hearing from the membership, with them saying, “that simple act, seriously made my grandma smile and lifted her up from a rough time she had been going through. God bless you all and the UAW Local 249.

I want to thank the membership for believing in the standing committees and the work that we do.”

This certainly had a great impact on both the giving and receiving end of this wonderful act. The Aspire Residents sent a pleasant card back to our local saying, “Thank you for all the beautiful flowers and candy. A garden of love grows in a resident’s heart.” We believe that just a single magnificent gesture in a dark time can help spark the light within a lost soul. With time, it will blossom into a beautiful garden within that individual who can later share happiness to all that view it.

Keep spreading the love, Motorcycle Committee.