UAW Local 249 Officers


UAW Local 249 Officers are elected every three years by the membership.

President: Jason Starr

Vice President: Tony Renfro

Financial Secretary: Dana Davidson

Treasurer: Chrissy Kline

Recording Secretary: Shirley Mata

Trustees: Ed Scaggs, Connie Thomas and Sade Ott

Guide: Jeremy Fue

Sgt.At-Arms: Leon Allen

Bargaining Chairman: Todd Hillyard

  Bargaining Committee Members: Steve Chorbak, Jim Fisher and Travis Ramsey

Skilled Trades Bargaining Committee: Ron Pangborn

HVC Parts Depot Chairman: Dave Rogers

Nurses Unit Bargaining Chair: Cathy Koogler

Retirees Representative: Larry Rupp

Team Solutions Bargaining Chair: Dave Norris


UAW Local 249
8040 NE 69 Hwy
Pleasant Valley, MO 64068