UAW Local 249-Elections

Letter from the Local 249 Election Committee: Please read if you are campaigning in the plant

March 28, 2017


Dear Brothers/Sisters,


I was elected to be Chairperson of the Local 249 Election Committee. As you know, the Local 249 Election of officers will be conducted on May 4, and 6, 2017.

Since the campaign period is about to begin, I want to take this opportunity to advise you of certain restrictions on the use of union and employer funds for campaign purposes. Specifically, Section 401(g) of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, as amended, prohibits the use of union and employer funds to promote the candidacy of any person in a union officer election.  This prohibition applies to facilities, equipment, supplies, and cash, as well as to campaigning on time paid for by either a union or employer and to the use of the Local 249 newsletter for campaign purposes.

You should also be aware that the prohibition against the use of union and employer funds applies to any union and employer, not just to Local 249 or to the employers with whom Local 249 has collective bargaining agreements.

I am notifying all Local 249 candidates of this legal prohibition to make them fully aware of the extent of the campaign restrictions so that any potential problems can be avoided. If you have any questions, please call me at 816-454-6333.

Your cooperation is appreciated.


In Solidarity,

Stephen Morris

Local 249 elections moving to the plant

To make it easier for Local 249 members to be able vote, the union is moving the polling locations for the upcoming election of union officers, bargaining committee and committee people from the union hall to the main building, truck body, stamping and parts depot.

Nominations for local union offices will be held in March at the union meeting. Any member is eligible as a nominee and candidate for an Executive Office of Amalgamated Local Union 249 who has been a member in continuous good standing in Amalgamated Local Union 249 for one year immediately prior to the nomination.  Any member in good standing may nominate any eligible member for office.

Acceptance of the nominations will occur after the union meeting in March and the week following with the polls closing at 4:00 on Friday afternoon.

The election for the offices will be held in the building that you work, except Truck Paint employees will go to the Truck Body Cafeteria.

You must vote at the location where you work.

Election voting times will be as follows:

Parts Depot will vote on May 3, 1:30pm to 7:30pm. DROTS and voting will be moved to the union hall Thursday, May 4 and Saturday, May 6.

Main building will vote on Thursday, May 4 and Saturday, May 6, starting at 5:00am for 24 hours each day.  Voting will take place in the executive garage.

Truck Body and Truck Paint will vote on Thursday, May 4 and Saturday, May 6, starting at 5:00am for 24 hours each day.  Voting will take place in the Truck Body Cafeteria.

Stamping will vote on May 4, starting at 5:00am for 24 hours. Due to no weekend production, DROTS and voting will then be moved to union hall on Saturday, May 6.

Run-offs, if necessary, and relevant to the race will be:

Parts Depot – Wednesday, May 10

Main building – Thursday, May 11 and Saturday, May 13




UAW Local 249

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