Laid Off Workers Page



Robo calls have been sent out to several members on layoff and given a day to report back to work. As a reminder the hours of Hourly Personnel are from 7:30 – 3:00 p.m. to turn in your sub pay form.

If you are filing unemployment, it would be a good idea to call ahead and make sure your account is active. The number is 1-314-244-2193. When you file your claim on Sunday the number is 816-889-3101 or go to


As we get closer to ending layoffs for the transit system employees, all members need to make sure your contact information with Ford Motor Company is correct. If they can’t contact you due to having the wrong contact information you could be held accountable. If you believe your information is not correct (phone number and address) you need to go to Ford’s HR Department and fill out a new contact information sheet.

The Union Hall’s last day for helping with unemployment and sub pay issues will be December 23, 2013. After that you will need to contact Ford Human Resources with any issues. If you still need to do a monthly check in for unemployment past December 20, 2013 you will need to report to your local Career Center to complete a 28 day check in.

As the layoff is coming to an end, most laid off workers are also running out of unemployment. It is very important that you are checking your remaining balance at to see when your unemployment ends. If you run out of unemployment you should receive a letter from the state of Missouri stating that you have exhausted your funds. You will need to bring in the letter from the state and a copy showing you have a zero balance and attach to your sub pay form.

If you are collecting unemployment please remember to do your 28-day check in.

Laid Off Workers – Click Here to Print Form 2062.

If you have returned back to work, contact optional life insurance at 1-800-843-8184 to let them know to resume payroll deduction for optional life. This needs to be done within 31 days of your return.